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Najoom Music Products, Inc.

sells a superior quality, highly specialized line of products for trumpet and cornet. Owned by Dennis Najoom, Najoom Music Products is known primarily for trumpet leadpipes and trumpet mouthpieces.  However, we have many other products, and many more currently under development. This site will help you to find out:

     Who we are
     What we sell
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To meet with Dennis Najoom, the following options are available by appointment:
      Trumpet Lessons
      Mouthpiece Consultations

- The cost for appointments is $100.00 per hour.
- In the U.S.A. call 414-422-1612.
- Student scholarships are available.

Dennis Najoom

"I am totally gassed by my new leadpipe. I'm impressed  by the fit of the end of the mouthpiece to the leadpipe, No gap !! My tone and flexibility are clearly better. High register greatly improved." -- D. K. Massachusetts

"Michael Torke's "The Healing" opened this all American program...Trumpeter Dennis Najoom played the culminating trumpet solo with great skill and heartfelt simplicity." -- Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; July 5, 2005.

What's New as of 03/23/11...
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New NR Mouthpieces Introducing our new 66N series NR Mouthpieces.  The 66N is the same rim contour as the "1N" and "1.3" but with a smaller diameter. 

Price Increase Due to the skyrocketing cost of materials, As of January 1, 2011 the price of all products, except leadpipes, have increased. 

Three New Dealers! We welcome three new dealers: 
Family Music Center, Milwaukee, WI  USA
Scavino Musica, Torino   Italy
Cuivres et Bois, Lille  France

Dennis plays Pulcinella Dennis performed principal trumpet for the Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra on Stravinsky's 'Pulcinellla' in September, 2010.

Dennis plays Washington Island Dennis performed  with his daughter Anna Najoom for the Washington Island (WI) Music Festival in August, 2010

Dennis plays with Rhode Island Dennis performed principal trumpet with the Rhode Island Symphony at the summer 'Waterfire", in Providence, RI in July, 2010.


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S77W16157 Mariner Ct., Muskego, WI  53150
Tel.: 414-422-1612

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